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台中勤美誠品綠園道,家一般的友善沙龍|STDOR Hair



The Creative Industrial Park of Park Lane by CMP brings together with the distinctive culture of humanities, arts, food, leisure, and life, becoming a popular leisure place for walking the pets, children, and your mood. Along with PARK2 Caowu Square – a place that combine with green plants and atypical park mall for the grand opening, has one step closer to pour the area into green elements.

品牌故事 The Beginning of STDOR Hair

佇立在台中向上北路近鄰勤美誠品綠園道的Stdor Hair,更是這片城市綠洲裡,完整融入在地文化、深耕經營的友善沙龍。

Stdor Hair, which stands on the Creative Industrial Park of Park Lane by CMP, next to Xiangshang N. Rd. in Taichung, is a friendly salon that deeply cultivate and integrate themselves into the local culture in this urban oasis.

像家一般的友善沙龍 Warm Like Home

對許多人來說,來到Stdor Hair就像回到自己的家,這裡不僅只善待顧客、更善待地球,尊重每一個生命、自然及有緣分來到這裡的每一位朋友,期待大家都能有意識的選擇生活的方式。

For many people, coming to Stdor Hair is like going back to their home. This place not only treats customers well, but also treat the earth well. We respect every life, nature, and friend who comes here by serendipity. We hope that everyone can consciously choose the way of their own life.


一間專業的沙龍,除了具備好的技術與服務,更注重產品的選擇是否對顧客、成員有正面、安全與健康的影響。Stdor Hair嚴選來自義大利生物動力農耕純淨的品牌,為醫療等級玻璃瓶及100%可回收的鋁管填裝,捨棄多餘的包裝,把重點專注於在自然及人類皆能取得平衡的產品本身。

A professional salon with good skill and service pays more attention to whether the choice of products has a positive, safety, and health impact on customers and members. Stdor Hair choose a pure brand from Italian biodynamic farming. It is filled with medical-grade glass bottles and 100% recyclable aluminum tubes, discarding unnecessary packaging and focusing on the product itself to achieve a balance between nature and human beings.


為落實有意識的生活,Stdor Hair實行了奉茶的服務,無論你是否為本店的顧客、在綠園道草原上玩累了,只要自備環保水壺,都可以前來承裝飲用水。

To implement a conscious life, Stdor Hair offers tea service. Whether you are a customer of us or tired from playing hard on the grassland of Park Lane, as long as you bring your own reusable water bottle, you can come over and get some water here by yourself.

同時Stdor Hair也相當鼓勵顧客們,盡可能地使用環保提袋、環保餐具,降低對於環境的迫害,讓下一代有更乾淨的未來。

At the same time, we also encourage customers to use environmentally friendly bags and cutlery as much as possible to reduce the persecution of the environment and create a bright future for the next generation.


若顧客們在體驗服務的同時,需要攜帶心愛的寵物陪伴,Stdor Hair也相當歡迎。

Stdor Hair welcome all the customers to bring their beloved pets while experiencing the service here.


Stdor Hair的顧客年齡層從小到大,甚至三代同堂,為了來到這裡陪伴父母、需要技術服務的孩子們,Stdor Hair在戶外設置了小草皮更貼心手作了一座盪鞦韆,讓他們有額外的遊憩空間。

The age group of Stdor Hair rages from every generation including family group. To accompany by their parents and children who need technical services, we set up a small grass and a swing outside to give them extra space to relax.


倘若你注意到Stdor Hair的營業時間,會發現他們的營業時間是9小時,甚至店內每週公休二日,為的就是希望除了顧客能好好享受生活與服務,成員們也能在工作及家庭狀態中取得平衡。

If you notice the business hours of Stdor Hair, you will find that our opening hours last 9 hours and even have two public holidays every week. They can get off work earlier as long as they complete their duty today. The reason is that the customers can enjoy life and service, and the members of ours can also achieve a balance between work and family.


Stdor Hair最早發跡於2003年最熱鬧繁華的一中學生商圈,當大家尚未注重頭皮與髮型之間密切又基礎的關係時,就已自覺富有使命,積極倡導顧客需要擁有完美的頭皮基底,進而才能有好的髮質及完美的造型。

Stdor Hair has founded in 2003 in the most bustling place of Yi-Zhong Shopping District. When everyone did not pay more attention on the close and basic relationship between scalp and hair style, we have consciously and actively advocated that each customer need to have a perfect scalp base, so as to have a good hair quality and perfect modeling.

決心搬遷於現址後,正因為有良好的產品及富滿專業與儀式感的服務流程,更成為台中草悟道勤美綠園道商圈周邊,少數擁有生物動力農耕頭皮SPA服務的沙龍,使Stdor Hair的獨特性在市場中更加顯著。

After moving to the current place, we have become one of the few salons with biodynamic farming scalp SPA service around Park Lane because of our good products with professional and ceremonial service process, making the uniqueness of Stdor Hair more distinct in this industry.







倘若今天工作真的累了的你,不妨來Stdor Hair嘗試各種頭皮SPA系列的保養服務吧!

If you’re really tired from work today, come and try our various scalp SPA service!








環境體驗設計 Environmental Experience Design

Stdor Hair的環境與友善的品牌形象如出一徹,潔淨明亮的落地窗,一覽無遺的庭園造景,最悠久的那棵樹已和Stdor Hair陪伴十幾年的時間,這裡的一草一木皆看得出創辦者們用心與堅持。無論是舒適放鬆的頭皮SPA體驗、時尚前衛的髮型設計,都在這個純淨的空間中完成。溫暖的陳設、木質色調搭配多種花草植物與大地的元素,Stdor Hair嚴謹、注重每一道客戶所感受到的細節。

The environment and friendly brand image of Stdor Hair run in the same groove. The clean and bright French windows provide a panoramic view of the garden landscape. The oldest tree has been with us for more than ten years, and every tree here shows the care and persistence of the founders. No matter it is comfortable, relaxing scalp SPA experience or fashionable hair design, all of them are completed in this pure space. Warm furnishings and wood tones are matched with a variety of flowers, plants, and the earth elements. Stdor Hair is rigorous and emphasize on every detail of how the customers feel.

產品專區 Product Area

Stdor Hair的環境設定含有五感體驗設計(視、聽、嗅、觸、味),除了豐富視覺與博士茶奉茶對於味覺及好處以外,全店幾乎採用義大利原裝進口OWay生物動力農耕系列商品,使你踏進店裡時,就能明顯感受到與過去沙龍化學刺鼻氣味大相徑庭;Stdor Hair更希望大家能多了解生物動力農耕的重要性,鼓勵觸摸產品使用的環保材質,更可以自行翻閱說明立牌,了解每樣產品系列主要原料背後的故事與資訊。這不僅能使消費者們更親身體驗綠色純淨的生活,也讓夥伴們擁有安全、良好的工作環境品質。

The environment set by Stdor hair contains five senses experience (sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste). In addition to the rich visual and the advantage for tasting the tea serve of Rooibos we provide, almost all the store adopts the Italian original package importing from Oway, the series of biodynamic farming goods. When you step into this store, you can feel the smell of our salon is totally different from the one with the chemical pungent in the past. We hope that people can learn more about the importance of biodynamic farming, and encourage them to touch the environmentally friendly materials used in the products. They can also read the instructions, know the stories, and learn the information behind the main ingredients of each product line. This can not only make consumers have more personal experience toward green pure life, but also let our partners have a safe and favorable working environment.

頭皮SPA區 Scalp SAP Area

近年企業永續發展意識抬頭,人們開始嚮往療癒、輕鬆、自在的生活形式,Stdor Hair提供更卓越、舒適的服務,特意規劃了頭皮SPA專區,讓顧客們都能好好享受如同在家一般,專屬、寧靜的氛圍。

The consciousness of sustainable development of enterprises have raised in recent years. People begin to yearn for healing, relaxing, and comfortable life style. Stdor Hair provides outstanding and cozy service, specially planning the scalp SPA area, so that customers can enjoy the exclusive and quiet atmosphere just like at home.

一個近20年的品牌,除了擁有無數豐富的經驗、環境及對產品的堅持,Stdor Hair就是秉持著那極具意義的信念-友善,一路陪伴著他們成長茁壯,即便面臨環境的變遷,也從不改變,令人傾心。

沖洗專區 Rinse Area

Stdor Hair在動態造型區及靜態沖洗區所設定的音樂,倘若仔細聆聽,也會發現有所不同,使人更加平靜、緩和。

If you listen carefully to the music set by Stdor Hair in the dynamic modeling area and the static washing area, you will find something different. These places make people become more calm and relaxed.

櫃檯區 The Counter Area

初步諮詢區 Preliminary Consultation Area

造型座位區 Molded Seating Area

設計師與夥伴 Stylist and Partners

Stdor Hair帶給顧客們美的表現與感受絕對不止於此,若你還在找尋適合自己的設計師,現在快點來Stdor Hair開啟你的全新美髮體驗吧!

Stdor Hair is more than that. If you are still looking for your own designer, come and visit Stdor Hair to start your brand-new hair experience!

Stylist Tina

Stylist Ivita

Stylist Iris

Hair Stylist Liam

Hair Stylist Jason

Find STDOR Hair

STDOR Hair:台中市西區向上北路102號

TEL:04‭ ‬2305‭ ‬9699

TIME:Wed – Sun 11:00 – 17:00 每週一~週二公休


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