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謝謝完美中的不完美,新竹獨一無二的沙龍誕生!|Thanking Imperfection in Perfection: The Birth of a Unique Salon in Hsinchu – Merci Salon de Coiffure

在繁華的都市中,人們時常渴望一處恬適雅緻的空間,遠離塵囂,細味生活中的美好。merci salon de coiffure以其別樹一幟的風格裝潢及使用來自義大利的綠色商品,讓顧客在尋找自己的專屬風格同時,也能感受到寧靜的幸福。

Amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, people often yearn for a serene and elegant space, away from the chaos, where they can savor the beauty of life. Merci Salon de Coiffure, with its distinctive style and the use of green products from Italy, allows customers to discover their unique style while experiencing the tranquility of happiness.

新竹市舊名為竹塹城,merci salon de coiffure便座落於該市歷史悠久卻依舊綠意盎然的護城河邊文化街道上,有別於市區髮廊給人的城市遭雜,不時往落地窗外望去,盡收眼底的便是清澈舒適的親水公園與兩行壯碩大樹所闢護而成的人行走道及遊憩設施,非常適合喜愛大自然與想放鬆身心生活的人們前來一探究竟。

Formerly known as Zhuqiancheng (East Gate), Hsinchu City is located along the historic yet verdant riverside cultural street. Merci Salon de Coiffure stands out from the urban hair salons, providing a serene view of the clear and comfortable waterside park, with the tree-lined pedestrian walkways and recreational facilities. It’s perfect for those who love nature surroundings and seek after relaxation.

“merci”在法文中意為「謝謝你」,merci salon de coiffure不僅感恩生活的一切所有,更以真誠待人處事,建立了深植人心的美好形象。

“Merci” in French means “thank you.” Merci Salon de Coiffure not only appreciates everything life offers but also conducts itself with sincerity, establishing a deeply rooted positive image.

merci salon de coiffure是一個融合自然與藝術的空間,店內強調以天然材質與恰如其分的保留建築原始面貌,注重質感的手感紋路,讓空間更顯純淨,營造出質樸且舒適的氛圍。主理人希望每一個來到這裡的人能如同這裡的情境一樣,將事物還原到最自然、最本真的樣子,希望我們能除了喜愛自己的完美以外,也可以接受自己的不完美。

Merci Salon de Coiffure is a space that blends nature and art, emphasizing natural materials and retaining the original appearance of the architecture. The focus is on textures that enhance the purity of the space, creating a rustic and comfortable atmosphere. The proprietor hopes that everyone who comes here can experience things in their most natural and authentic state, accepting their own perfection and imperfections.

沐浴在特色風格中的獨特體驗Surroundings Immersed in Unique Style Experience

merci salon de coiffure的店面環境,與一般髮廊迥異,不同於市區的煩囂,除了鄰近親水公園,樹木環繞,也使人彷彿置身於大自然中。

The ambiance of Merci Salon de Coiffure’s storefront differs greatly from typical hair salons. Adjacent to the waterside park and surrounded by trees, it feels like being in nature itself.


The interior design is full of character, with a focus on preserving the original structure and material textures that evoke a sense of natural simplicity. Healing elements such as color schemes and plants are incorporated, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

另外,在牆面或硬體的呈現上,也選用特殊紋路,巧妙的增添空間的層次感,如此清澈的視野、淡雅的色調、木質元素與自然光線的交相輝映,彷彿merci salon de coiffure本身就是一件藝術品,將美學完美的注入整在體空間,營造出一種極具寧靜的空間氛圍,使顧客在這裡不僅得到專業的美髮服務,同時也得到身心靈的滋養。

Additionally, special patterns on walls or hardware cleverly add layers to the space, complementing the clear views, subtle tones, wooden elements, and natural light. It’s as if Merci Salon de Coiffure itself is a work of art, seamlessly integrating aesthetics into the space, fostering a profoundly tranquil atmosphere where customers receive professional hair services while nourish their body and soul at the same time.

merci salon de coiffure的位置區每個座位都有恰如其分的距離,沒有繁複的裝飾與工具,卻都擁有著一面獨特弧線的全身落地鏡使顧客可以從頭到腳一覽無遺,這不僅是為了順暢的體驗,更協助設計師為顧客打造出最適合的髮型,也能更直觀地參與髮型的設計,讓整個過程更加互動有趣,如此存粹的貼心設計,也巧妙的說明主理人利落大方卻不失細緻入微的個性。

Each seat in Merci Salon de Coiffure is carefully spaced, without cluttered decorations or tools, yet equipped with a uniquely curved full-length mirror, allowing customers to see themselves from head to toe. This design enhances the experience and assists designers in creating the most suitable hairstyles, allowing for more interactive and enjoyable sessions. Such thoughtful design subtly reflects the proprietor’s elegant and meticulous personality.

專業服務的精髓 Service: Essence of Professionalism

merci salon de coiffure在設計師專業進修的道路上,有著更貼近人心的方法,主理人不僅注重技術的培養,更注重對美感的正確觀念,不僅鼓勵同仁研習進修也定期邀請業界專業講師到店舉辦講座,此舉確保了每位設計師都能掌握最新的美髮趨勢和技術。如此正向積極的鼓勵方式,使得merci salon de coiffure的夥伴們都相當樂於專注於自我的提升及技術上的學習。

Merci Salon de Coiffure adopts a more humane approach to professional development for its designers. The proprietor not only focuses on technical training but emphasizes correct aesthetic concepts. Encouraging colleagues to pursue continuous education and regularly inviting industry professionals to hold seminars ensures that each designer is up-to-date with the latest hair trends and techniques. This positive encouragement fosters a culture where everyone at Merci Salon de Coiffure is eager to focus on personal growth and technical learning.

merci salon de coiffure的服務不僅僅局限於剪染髮技術,更包括頭皮養護的服務。在頭皮spa進行前,設計師皆會依照消費者頭皮情況與平日使用習慣進行諮詢及基礎檢測,使每位顧客都能得到個別化的專業建議,並針對毛髮與頭皮本身給予專業的保養建議。

The services at Merci Salon de Coiffure go beyond just cutting and coloring hair; they also include scalp care services. Before scalp spa treatments, designers consult with customers based on their scalp condition and daily habits, providing individualized professional advice and recommendations for hair and scalp care.


Various prescriptions and customized product pairing suggestions are available in the salon to meet the diverse needs of customers. Such thoughtful services cater to customers’ hairstyling needs while enhance their enjoyment and comfort in life.

來自義大利的純淨品牌Product: Pure Brands from Italy

merci salon de coiffure對美的追求不僅體現環境與技術上,更在商品的選擇上下足功夫。店內使用來自義大利的純淨商品,為顧客提供極致的護理體驗。這些商品的成分天然、純淨、無害肌膚,確保每位顧客都能安心享受護理服務。

Merci Salon de Coiffure’s pursuit of beauty extends to its product selection. The salon uses pure products from Italy to provide customers with the ultimate care experience. These products are made from natural, pure ingredients that are gentle on the skin, ensuring that every customer can enjoy the service without worry.

純淨商品的特點是品質保證,在merci salon de coiffure的設計師們皆經過專業培訓,精通各種髮性與膚質的需求,能巧妙運用專業知識與產品服務相互呼應,為顧客量身打造護理方案。高品質的產品和專業的服務,都能使顧客在這裡能夠得到細緻的呵護體驗。

The hallmark of pure products is quality assurance. At Merci Salon de Coiffure, designers undergo professional training, mastering the needs of various hair and skin types. They skillfully integrate their expertise with product services, creating tailored care solutions for customers. High-quality products and professional services ensure that customers receive meticulous care experiences.

merci salon de coiffure的存在不僅是一家美麗的沙龍,更是一個融合了自然、藝術和專業服務的綜合空間。或許我們在完美當中總會有不完美的時候,卻也因著這些小插曲,擁有了對彼此的相互支持、信任與包容而心懷感激,使merci成為新竹市獨一無二的美麗據點。希望有機會來到這裡的朋友們能找到滿意及適合自己的外在,也能感受到內在的寧靜與愉悅,這正是merci salon de coiffure所追求的完美境界。

Merci Salon de Coiffure is not just a beautiful salon; it’s a comprehensive space that integrates nature, art, and professional services. Perhaps in perfection, there are moments of imperfection, but through these episodes, we appreciate mutual support, trust, and tolerance, making Merci a unique and beautiful landmark in Hsinchu City. We hope that friends who have the opportunity to visit here will find satisfaction and their suitable outward appearance, as well as experience inner peace and joy. This is the perfect realm that Merci Salon de Coiffure strives for.

Find merci salon de coiffure

▍Address:300新竹市東區文化街80號 No. 80, Wenhua St., East Dist., Hsinchu City 300, Taiwan

▍TEL:+886 3 532 0877

▍TIME:Tue – Sat  11:00 –  20:00; 週日、一公休日 Closed on Sundays and Mondays

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